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We are a full-service, integrated advertising agency specializing in print, television and digital advertising; Web-design and social media; public relations and brand management; graphic design and illustration; consumer insights and analytics; video and post-production; commercial photography; and, creative consulting, according to your needs. Our expertise is cross-cutting and dynamic.


Connecting To Every Audience

At LNG we understand that in order to reach a given audience, you have to connect with them on their emotional level. You have to relate to individuals’ needs in real-time as they are affected by an ever-changing world. And to achieve a real and effective connection, you must tell a story which captures and engages those emotions. This critical understanding is what separates us from the average agency, and it’s also what drives us. We connect your organization directly to the heart of your audience using the oldest method of communication – by telling a compelling, true, and memorable story, perfectly suited to your audience.


Cutting Edge

Today’s world transforms, and carries on, at the speed of light. Communications technology is relentlessly changing, evolving, and bending to the rapidly fluctuating needs of the world around us. Before new communication trends develop, our team is researching, developing and implementing the latest marketing techniques to ensure your business is never left behind. We bring you up to the cutting edge, so that your company always makes incisive and relevant impact.


Modern Storytelling

The art of storytelling in our digital age has become a something of a science as well. Like everything else, this form of communication evolves alongside research scientists’ breakthrough technologies. As information is put forward and consumed in increasingly condensed, ever-faster and more convenient ways, LNG takes on the challenge of telling your story using the most up-to-date and progressive methods. Whether you need a six-second promo, a three-minute social media ad, or a comprehensive production to showcase your brand, we are the agency to meet your needs. We are an award-winning group, and we can show you why.

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Our award-winning video production services have been trusted by the U.S. House of Representatives, the State of New Mexico, the Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce, Memorial Medical Center, and a host of others, to effectively and reliably capture their events and tell their story to the world.


Using the latest techniques and advancements in mobile and responsive design, we ensure that your website is beyond fully functional, with state-of-the-art interactivity, and we keep it equipped to handle the changing environments in which it is displayed.


Image is not only everything anymore, it is everywhere.  The whole world has access to your brand at its billions of fingertips.  Clients choose brands they trust, and what is seen or not seen online can affect that trust and potential relationship.  That is why we take a full-circle, comprehensive approach to branding.  We use the power of multimedia design, photography, SEO, social media, Web and video production to optimize your image online, and grow the trust your brand deserves.


With social media and our frequent, tailored communications, you will grow an ever larger audience, allowing you to begin effective, targeted social media advertising.  We act as both your expert consultants, and your social media team, seeing to it that your online presence is engaging, relevant, professional, and competitive.

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Testimonial + Memorial Medical Center

Testimonial + Memorial Medical Center

Mandy Leatherwood, Marketing director at Memorial Medical Center [MMC], talks about the partnership that has been developed while working with The LNG Company. The LNG Company is a full service integrated advertising agency that specializes in print, television and digital advertising; web design and social media; public relations and brand management; graphic design and illustration;…

Press Release: Robert Watkins

Press Release: Robert Watkins

  Robert Watkins is the latest addition to The LNG Company and instead of doing a standard press release we decided to show off Robert in 15 seconds in our tailored video for Instagram and social media. We are a full-service, integrated advertising agency specializing in print, television and digital advertising; Web-design and social media;…

What Is A Selfie?

What Is A Selfie?

  LNG Social offers social media management, social media marketing, website design, web programming, graphic design, logo design, print advertising, business cards, flyers, postcards, banners, promotional products and materials, commercial photography, commercial video, video production, video marketing and anything else your organization may desire! lngsocial.com

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